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Tips to Choosing your Hotel in Europe

Hotels in Europe are not quite like the ones in America.  In the states, you basically choose between a variety big-name, hotel chains.  In Europe, the options are a bit different. For most people, hotels are somewhere you sleep, shower, dress.  You’re spending like two waking hours (tops) in your hotel room.  Folks with offspring see them… Continue reading Tips to Choosing your Hotel in Europe


Destination: Lake Bled, Slovenia

Assuming you ever find yourself in the alpine region of Europe and are looking for a quaint, scenic, low-cost, relaxing, mildly-tourist, has-it-all, kid-friendly destination to spend a good weekend, I give you Lake Bled, Slovenia.  Lake Bled is a picturesque glacier lake complete with alpine backdrop, church on an island, and overlooking castle.  A tourist destination… Continue reading Destination: Lake Bled, Slovenia

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Hiking with Kids: so they don’t hate it.

My husband and I love hiking.  Being outside, somewhere new, somewhere beautiful, packing all the necessary gear (my favorite part) and putting dirt under my shoes feels just plain good.   I want to go fast.  I want to go high.  I want to go far. The kids are less enthusiastic. I say, “We’re going on… Continue reading Hiking with Kids: so they don’t hate it.