What is TKBT anyway?

 On our most recent family vacay, I said to Jeremy, “we experience an entirely different Europe than people who travel without kids.”  

I don’t know what inspired me to say it or even what I really meant by it.  Perhaps I was thinking back to the pre-kids era when Jeremy and I would stumble across cities, choosing restaurants solely based on their food and museums without dinosaur bones.

It was that statement and that idea that really spurred the idea behind this blog, because at that moment Jeremy and I turned to each other and agreed, yes it is different, but not better or worse.  

There is a nasty stigma surrounding travel with kids.  It’s difficult. It requires more money, gear and planning. It’s less fun.  And we just cannot accept that. 

Now we know (oh do we know) that kids can be a pain in the ass.  For every one time you pee, they have to pee twelve.  They can’t leave an establishment without begging for something.  Their constant question asking stopped being endearing four years ago.  They pick the most inconvenient place to poop/puke.  Add an hour to any road trip for every person in your vehicle under twelve (two hours for the ones in diapers).  

So, I promise not to pretend that these little inconveniences don’t exist.  My kids are not angels. They don’t always care about mountains or museums or monuments.  They’re kids.  If they can’t eat it, jump on it, or destroy it, they usually don’t stay interested in it for long.

But I do believe that, inconveniences and all, traveling with kids can be as fun, if not more, than traveling without.  Seeing the world through their eyes will change everything you thought you knew about a beautiful view, a fun designation or a new culture.  

All in all, we believe: travel is not only for the mild-mannered and mature, and for that reason this blog will be a compilation of tips, recommendations, deals and hard-learned lessons to inspire you to strap the backpacks on the tots and take your kids trippin.  It’s not just about surviving the trip with kids, but making little travelers out of them.

Starting next week, we will jump right into the good stuff, but this week we’ll do a little getting to know each other.

  • Who we are, an introduction.
  • How does this blog work?

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