The Family Behind the Blog: an introduction

A good place to start, I think.  Let’s jump right in…

We are a military family, first off, which really only goes so far as to say that my husband’s career is in the military.  And with any military career, it means we move quite often, two to three times a decade if you’re curious.  Ten and a half years in, and I still can’t decide if we love to travel because we move so much…or we love to move so much because we travel.

Whatever the reason, we decided two duty stations ago that this was the right fit for us, and so here we are.  The big bread winner of the family is a helicopter pilot, which probably won’t be mentioned too much here, but if you ever see an Aviation museum review here, you know who to blame.  Jeremy’s travel favorites involve the outdoors, good clean hotels and local meaty dishes.

As for me, aside from basic household management, I’m a wannabe career writer, newbie yoga instructor, quasi book-blogger and passionate travel planner.  I wear many hats and have a natural talent in starting projects and doing things I don’t get paid for (see: volunteer).  The military lifestyle allows me to do the two things I love most: writing and travel.  Voila, travel blog.  I prefer my travels to be heavy in hearty views, cultural immersion, handmade souvenirs and a good beach never hurts.

As for “these kids”…

There are two.  Jonathan is 9 (almost) and Jude is 4 (just barely).  They are both uniquely nothing alike so I’ll introduce them separately.

Jonathan is the kind-hearted, goof ball who love Star Wars and Pokemon.  His favorite thing, and I’m guessing here but pretty sure about this, is making friends.  He’s a people person who likes to make people laugh and hates goodbyes.  His travel bonuses are terrifying roller coasters, anywhere he can swim and kids who speak English (language barriers scare him a little).  Recently, he informed us his favorite castle was the one with WiFi, although he doesn’t own any portable electronic devices.  He hates long car rides and loves trains.

Jude is our little unpredictable, sweet-faced charmer.  He’s the only preschooler I’ve met can roll his eyes with the best of them and hates when strangers talk to him.  But watch out, he can also melt your heart with one smile.  He’s a little tagalong and will usually find the biggest kid on the playground to befriend.  He’s our “old soul”.  His favorite possession is a thirty-two year old orange blanket with gophers on it that says, “gopher it”.  Jude’s dream vacation involves pizza and not having to walk at all.  He’ll pass on the thrill rides, touching animals and big waves.

So, that’s us.  As a family, we can usually be found parked on a fest bench, hiking through the woods or picnicking by the water.  My husband and I love eating local fare, but more importantly, drinking the local beer.  We hate to let long weekends go to waste.

We currently live in Germany, but obviously that’s temporary so free time and cheap airfare is a hot commodity these days.

Oh yeah, can’t forget we seldom take our dog Heidi on our travels, although she really acts more like a cat.  She likes just about everything.


3 thoughts on “The Family Behind the Blog: an introduction

  1. I’m so excited for your new blog! I deeply miss writing mine. I’m hoping once we move into our new house and things settle down I’ll find more time to dedicate to it. It needs a makeover….lol


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