How will this work?

In order to stay on track and keep the jumble of ideas from getting tangled in my head, I’ve devised a little system for the blog.  This way, you know what to expect and it will probably keep me on track (don’t quote me on that).

Mondays: General Posts. Travel tips, Ideas, Rants, your general blog blah-blah.  But you know…it’ll be interesting.

Look forward to: A Guide to Packing for Kids, Family Travel Money Savers, Hiking with Kids, A Hotel Buying Guide.

Wednesdays:  Destinations posts.  This is where I will dish out everything we experienced and learned at individual destinations.  Everything, of course, through the lens of traveling with tykes.

Look forward to: Prague, Savannah, Italy, many cities in Germany, Slovenia.  A list I look forward to adding to.

Fridays: The Kid-Friendly Salute.  This is where I throw a virtual fist-bump to those special establishments that not only accept kids, but go a step further and add that special touch to make the experience better for everyone.  Because everyone wants to know about those places, amiright?

Spoiler alert: We’ve come across more in Europe than in the States.  #justsayin

Guest bloggers:  Doy, I need guest bloggers. I can’t go everywhere and see it all (until Rick Steves hires me), so I’d appreciate all the cooks this kitchen can get.  And if blogging isn’t your thing, but you went to this super rad, kid-friendly museum that everyone must know about, I’d be glad to set up more of an interview for that!  And if you are a traveling friend of mine with kids of your own, be ready to be ransacked for input.  #justsayin

So that’s the general blueprint for this blog. Within time, I’m sure I’ll be adding more, reviews and such. I hope it sounds like something you’ll enjoy and if not, I’m open to input!

Look forward to our first real post on Monday!


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