Up to speed…

It’s been a major year. As I shared yesterday, we have a new person in the mix. And that’s all very exciting, but it’s not the only new development around here. So, I won’t waste your time. It’s time to get you up to speed…

  1. I published a book. Yes, I wrote a Young Adult fiction novel a couple years back and finished it at a snail’s pace. Well, there was something about turning 33 and having a baby that said, “Publish that damn thing!” So I did. Like I said, it’s fiction for young (and old) adults, and hopefully, the first of many. As much as I love blogging (can’t you tell), my true passion is writing fiction, which I never, ever have time to do. If you would like to read or purchase my book, you can do that right here.
  2. We moved from Germany to El Paso. I mentioned this a bit in my last post, over a year ago. El Paso is great, it’s great, we’re all great. Convinced yet?  There’s really nothing wrong with El Paso, other than it not being Germany, which we all know is a hard act to follow.
  3. Jeremy is off flying helicopters in God-Knows-Where. While he’s gone, I’m lucky to have in-laws and grandparents here to help out. #blessed
  4. I’ve got a hankering to blog again. I need a creative outlet that only blogging can fulfill. So, I will. We will talk about travel. But also about parenting, struggling, having fun, surviving, and maybe even a little drinking.

That’s about it. Here we are.


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