Easter Egg’ish Hunt

For Easter this year, we took Egg Hunting to a whole new level and did a little Geocaching instead. A new tradition?—I think so.

We took Black Betty (Jeremy’s Jeep) into New Mexico and found a few caches near an extinct volcano and some very cool volcanic rock flows. The first stop was Kilbourne Hole, a volcanic crater with some gorgeous views.

From there, we went to Aden Lava Flow area, and it was seriously so cool. At first, I looked at the hill Jeremy wanted us to climb and I said, “no way, Jose.” But he promised me tacos afterward, so I broke. We strapped Miss Finn to my back and made our way up.

The hike wasn’t bad at all. In fact, the boys loved it. At the top of the hill, it was all porous, volcanic rock that they loved climbing all over (with caution). They normally whine through any hike, so hearing them say they wanted to stay longer was a first.

We found, probably my favorite, cache (so far) up there. Someone hid a large cookie tin in the rocks, and it was full of some cool goodies. We signed the book, and made our way back down.

My kids are pretty confident climbers, plus Jeremy is very good about keeping them close and safe. If you choose to attempt this hike with small kids, do so with lots of caution. There really isn’t a marked path up the hill, so you have to step around cacti and over large holes. At the top, there are plenty of places for littles to fall, so again, be very careful. Still, totally worth it.

I’ll admit, probably not for the first or last time, the desert is not my favorite of outdoor landscapes, but it’s growing on me. Well…no it’s not, but I’m finding ways to deal with it. We saw hares, roadrunners, and lots of lizards on our drive, and that was cool. And I guess climbing volcanic rocks in April was pretty cool too.

Can’t complain.

And because I know you’re wondering, I did get my tacos. We just didn’t take into consideration the holiday…so we settled for Taco Bell.

Hope you all had a great Easter weekend!

Do you geocache? Find us on the site @ bucherfamily


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