Austin, Texas

So, this is a little belated, but over Thanksgiving (last year), I took the kiddos to Austin, Texas BY MYSELF. Yes, I did. #beastmode


And here’s how that went…

We actually had a fantastic time. We walked around the downtown area, explored some cooler areas, visited friends, did a lot of driving, and went to a pretty fantastic kids’ museum. I think I have a whole other blog post about traveling alone with kids coming. I have so many thoughts to share on that topic alone.

For now, here’s Austin…


Downtown: I have to admit, the downtown area wasn’t quite as cool as I expected. It was your basic state capital, downtown area. People were milling around, but it’s wasn’t all that inviting. It happens. Turns out surrounding areas are a little cooler, and if you’re there in spring/summer, you can see the bats fly in herds (is that the right word?) over the Congress street bridge. We missed that unfortunately, but plan to see it in the future.

The Austin sign: A little Google search and map search brought us to the Greetings from Austin sign. This was a must. Instagram made me do it. It’s actually a cool little area, and the Austin that I expected to find. There were food trucks down this street, a cute little (expensive) gelato spot, and more.


Thinkery: We do our fair share of kids’/science museums. If you have any love in your heart for hands-on, STEM’y fun, then you won’t regret The Thinkery. There was an indoor and outdoor area, and I think we were there for approximately 27 hours before I was forced to cut my own arm off in order to escape. Seriously though, it was my favorite fun factory that we have found to date. My kids were especially fond of the water room where they had complimentary crocs and coats to keep clothes dry while the kids got soaked. Tip: Other than some vending machines, there was no food there, but you can pack your own, so keep that in mind.

The rest of our time in Austin was spent with Army family for the holidays, which was pretty fantastic on its own.


We loved Austin, but I felt like we only scratched the surface. I can’t wait to go back and really sink our teeth in.

Have you been to Austin? Or live there? What are your favorite family-friendly spots?


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