Rust Bucket

We did a crazy thing.

Those were the words that chimed through my mind for a week straight, between the time that we signed the agreement to purchase and the date we picked it up. We did a crazy thing.

We had been “shopping” for an RV for a few weeks. Before that, we only talked about getting an RV, and it was at the far-off planning stage of shopping. The hypothetical plan was that in five or six years, we would get an RV, Jeremy would retire, and we would take our three kids on an adventure around the country.

But talking about far-off plans is frustrating. I was growing so annoyed with shopping for RVs that we were not going to buy. I was so tired of talking about it.

So we did it. We looked at a lot of RVs that we could not even pretend to afford. Then one day, Jeremy came to me with his iPad and said, “don’t say no right away.” Then, he showed me an RV that looked like something cousin Eddie would show up in. “It’s an R-V, Clark.”

Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating. It’s not that bad, but it definitely didn’t have the glossy shine of those fancy new bunkhouses we were looking at—but couldn’t afford. He promised that the engine would last and that the price was good.

I’m never one to turn down a crazy idea. Two long trips to Tucson later, and she’s ours.

We have big plans to remodel the inside with some paint, fabric, creativity, and a tight budget. Until then, it’s clean and comfy enough to get the Bucket on the road.

Be sure to follow us on Instagram to follow along on our camping trips—starting this weekend!


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